EVA Thermo lightweight boots


Boots have never been as light as these Kapaan EVA boots! They have a warm thermal felt inner lining that protects against cold feet at temperatures down to -30 ° Celsius. Ideal for autumn and cold winter. The inner lining has the shape of a sock, which is easily removable and washable. The boots are ideal for summer and spring when they are worn without the inner lining.

EVA is ethylene vinyl acetate. This material has excellent cushioning, is shockproof and offers thermal insulation. It is waterproof and moisture repellent.

With these boots you can be out and about with your metal detector all day, in any weather and in any season. You won’t get heavy or tired feet, because the boots are very comfortable to wear and are so light that you can hardly feel them! These boots are also ideal for magnetic anglers, the material is waterproof and moisture-repellent.

The soles of the boots are non-slip and easy to clean, the heel is made of reinforced material for better stability. The Kapaan EVA thermal boots are designed for intensive and professional use.

The inner lining socks can easily be washed in the washing machine (with a hand wash program) or by hand and are fresh again for the next day of searching!


Upper materialEthylene vinyl acetate
Upper material characteristicsWaterproof
Inner materialThermo felt
Weight950g (475g per boot)
Sizes38 to 50