Multifunctional detectorist bag



The multifunctional detectorist bag is the ideal bag for every metal detector hobbyist for storing your metal detector accessories and your finds. Particularly versatile to wear and use!

This bag is ideal for keeping at home or transporting your finds and all your metal detection accessories such as pin pointer, gloves, chargers, batteries, coin pad, magnifying glass, brush, find bag, etc. Keep all your accessories in this bag so you don’t forget or lose them. The shoulder strap can be completely removed to turn the bag into a convenient storage box that you can easily store in your closet at home. Also ideal for storage / transport in your car.

This bag consists of 2 large storage compartments with zippers. One compartment is equipped with a large plastic find box with 18 storage compartments for your finds. These storage compartments are adjustable with the help of 15 removable dividers. 3 large compartments are equipped with foam, each with 6 slots for inserting rings, coins or other finds. The finds box is completely removable and can therefore also be used as a small finds showcase at home. If you use the bag without the finds box, you have 2 spacious storage compartments for your accessories.

While searching, you can carry the bag with a shoulder strap on your back and store all your accessories, tools, mobile phone, food and drinks. Everything is close at hand and you don’t have to walk all the way back to the car. Simply slide the bag forward to take out your accessories. Important items such as your bank card, money, medication, lighter, jewelry, watch, etc. can be easily stored in the inner pocket, which is securely closed with a zipper. There is a special pocket on the shoulder strap for your mobile phone. This way, your phone will be clearly audible, easy to remove when searching, and you won’t run the risk of your phone falling out of your pocket while digging up your finds.

This multifunctional bag is also a must for search days, determination days, trade fairs and other events. You can take your special finds with you in the provided finds box and show them to other metal detector hobbyists or experts who can determine your finds. In addition, the bag offers enough space to carry brochures, magazines, accessories, food and drinks.


Dimensions bag29 x 20 x 12 cm
Dimensions finds box27 x 17,8 x 4 cm
Length carrying strap98 to 130 cm
Dimensions mobile phone pocket18,5 x 10,5 x 5 cm
Color bagCamo blue
Color finds boxTransparent
Color carrying strapCamo blue
Weight bag377 g
Weight finds box242 g
Weight carrying strap112 g