NEW finds pouch


The Kapaan No Name find bag offers space for your pinpointer and water bottle. Larger than other find bags, it has multiple compartments to hold all of your finds.
The Kapaan No Name finds pouch has a large compartment that you can close with two snap buttons. You can wear the bag open for quick access, half-close it with one of the 2 snaps, or close it all the way when you’re done searching. Inside the main compartment there are 4 compartments in which you can sort your accessories and finds. One of the pockets is large enough to fit a digging knife holster, so it’s also possible to carry a digging knife in the bag. There are two more compartments on the front of the bag, including an open compartment and a zipped compartment. In addition, this bag has two larger zippered compartments to store your valuable items and trash separately. There is another small zipped outer pocket on the front where you can store your best finds or your coinpad. In the middle compartment there is another carabiner for attaching a Kapaan finds brush, a wallet or a bunch of keys. The Kapaan No Name finds pouch has a pinpointer holster on the side with a mounting ring to attach your anti-lost line so you always have your pinpointer within reach. An additional compartment is provided for your water bottle. On hot days, it’s important to always have a drink with you and this find bag allows you to do it comfortably. The strap of the bag can be adjusted to all sizes, making it suitable for both large and small. You can wear it around your waist, but also as a crossbody bag. It is also possible to detach the strap and use it separately, just like the bag itself.


Material85% polyester, 10% polypropylene fiber, 5% ethyl vinyl acetate
Dimensions30 x 29 cm
Belt lengthUp to 121 cm
Care instructionsHand wash only
FarbeBlack/grey camouflage, orange accents