The Kapaan Sandscoop is perfect for finding coins and jewelry on the beach. This 2-part shovel is made entirely of stainless steel and has been specially developed for beach and water seekers.

The Sandscoop has a total length of 162 cm, which you will not lose sight of even in deeper waters. It consists of 2 parts that you can screw together and disassemble with a screw thread, so that you can always store it compactly or take it with you.

If you’re detecting at the beach and are getting a signal, just dig in the right spot with your sand scoop. Shake the loose sand through the holes and the object stays in the basket. When the sand is solid on the beach, shovel the sand out and throw it wide next to the dug hole, then all you have to do is use the search coil over it and you have found the object. The same principle in the water. When you get a signal from your detector, put the sand scoop close to the the search coil so you know where to dig. Then pull the search coil to the side and press the sand scoop into the ground with your foot. Shake out the sand in the water and the found object will be visible in the basket.


MaterialStainless steel
Total length162 cm
Basket length26 cm
Basket diameter15 cm
holes diameter8 mm
Steel thickness2 mm