Underwater finds bag



This Kapaan land and underwater finds bag was developed according to the wishes of many metal detector hobbyists.

Finds bags without a grid run full of water and the sand remains in them. For this reason you will soon have a heavy finds bag. The Kapaan finds bag is equipped with strong mesh fabric so that water and sand do not stay in the finds bag and therefore it remains super light. Also ideal for use on the beach!

Because the finds bag is in the shape of a harness, it fits snugly against your chest and stays in position while searching and does not move forward while shoveling.

If you open a conventional bag under water, carried on your hip, the finds can fly out and simply get lost. Plus, you don’t have a look at the finds bag, and opening the finds bag is a challenge in itself. Kapaan has therefore opted for a finds bag at chest height. Even if you go deeper into the water, you will have a look at your finds bag, you can open it easily and you will not lose your finds.

When searching on the beach or under water, you will find not only the beautiful finds but also a lot of rubbish objects such as beverage cans etc. These are bad for the environment, but are thrown back into the sea by many oddists because they simply do not fit in their finds bag. Kapaan also offers the solution for this. You can now simply attach the supplied waste net to the Kapaan finds bag and take these waste objects with you. In this way you also contribute a little to the environment. The waste net can be worn on the left-hand side for left-handers and on the right-hand side for right-handers. The waste net is large enough to store several beverage cans and other garbage items and can be easily closed with the cord.

Many researchers want to be able to attach other accessories to the finds bag. The Kapaan finds bag offers several attachment loops to which a pin pointer, a search brush, a GoPro camera or other accessories can easily be attached. In addition to the loops, the found bag is also equipped with 2 fastening eyes to which the waste net or other accessories can be attached. In addition, the harness is also equipped with 2 higher fastening eyelets, to which you can attach your waste net, spiral cable, etc.

This finds bag in combination with the waste net is also ideal for magnetic anglers!

This Kapaan finds bag was developed and extensively tested by the experienced metal detector expert and Youtuber Sebastiaan Hoogenberg from “The Dutch Metal Hunters”.


Material100% polyester
Dimensions finds bag22 x 17 x 4 cm
Dimensions waste net29 x 18 x 18 cm
Weight finds bag160 g
Weight waste net38 g
ColorCamo grey
Size4 adjustable straps (S to 5XL)