Who we are

Kapaan is a German manufacturer of high quality products for treasure hunters and outdoor adventurers. The company was founded in 2020 by the three sisters Karin, Patty and Anouk (Ka-Pa-An). While running other metal detector companies in Europe, they have noticed that there are few good quality digger accessories on the market.

Since the demand for ergonomic articles such as weight distribution systems, light and warm rubber boots, special find bags, multifunctional vests and articles for cleaning and storage is very high, they decided to develop these products themselves.

During development, the focus was placed on the metal detector hobby, but the products also prove to be perfect for other outdoor activities and sports. Anglers and magnet anglers, mountaineers, hikers as well as archaeologists and coin collectors will find helpful products from Kapaan.

It was particularly important that the products are, despite their excellent quality, affordable. Because of that Kapaan products are available at our dealers across Europe at a good price.

We would like to continue to fulfill the wishes of the detectorists and develop products for this wonderful hobby. We are always open to new ideas, so contact us!