Big Camo Carry Bag


The BIG Camo bag by Kapaan has a size of 130 x 40 x 10 cm and is therefore large enough to transport or store your entire metal detector and its accessories. Thanks to the complete feeding, everything is protected from falls and bumps. You can stow your entire shovel in the rear compartment and secure it with 2 straps. The middle large compartment is the perfect storage space for your entire metal detector and the 7 fastening straps on three sides ensure that the detector always stays in its place. There are 3 square 37 x 35 cm compartments on the front, which are perfect for taking search coils, pinpointers, digging knives, headphones, outdoor clothing, water bottles, lunch boxes etc. with you. Each compartment is lined and because the metal detector, shovel and other accessories are housed in different compartments, there is no risk of them damaging each other. You can carry the bag in three different ways: over the shoulder, in your hand or as a backpack.

  • 2 comfortable adjustable shoulder straps for carrying as a backpack
  • A handle for carrying as a carry bag
  • Adjustable shoulder strap for carrying as a shoulder bag
  • 2 large compartments with zipper, dimensions: 130 x 40cm
  • Compartment one is great for carrying a shovel and has two fastening straps in the middle of the compartment
  • Compartment two is very well suited to take your complete metal detector with you and has 7 straps so that the detector always stays in place.
  • 3 zipped compartments with a size of 37 x 35 cm on the front are ideal for carrying accessories such as search coils, headphones and digging knives etc.
  • A small 30 x 25 cm pocket on the back
  • Each bag is thickly padded
  • In the event of loss, there is a compartment for your business card on the back


Material45% polyester, 40% polyethylene, 10% polypropylene fiber, 5% polyoxymethylene
Dimensions130 x 40 x 10 cm
Care instructionsHand wash
ColorBlack blue camouflage