Digger holster


No need to pull out your belt to attach this holster. Simply open the two buttons on the back of the holster and tuck it between your belt and pants. Then close the buttons so the holster stays in place. The holster also has a Velcro fastener on the top with which you can additionally secure the handle of the digger.

Suitable for the following excavation knives:

  • Garrett Edge Digger
  • Nokta | Makro Premium Digger
  • Quest Diamond Digger
  • White’s Premium Digger
  • All diggers with a width of 6 cm or less and a length of 20.5 cm or less


Dimensions33 x 10,5 cm
Weight132 g
Special characteristicsSuitable for belts with a width of up to 11.5 cm