Universal pinpointer holster


No need to pull out your belt to attach this holster. Simply open the push button and the Velcro fastener on the back of the holster and simply clip the holster between your belt and pants. Then close the push button again and the Velcro fastener ensures that there is no play between the holster and belt. The holster also has a ring to which you can attach an anti-loss cord or the Kapaan find brush.

Suitable for the following pinpointers:

  • Minelab Pro-Find 15, 20 and 35
  • Nokta | Makro PulseDive Pinpointer, Nokta Pointer and Nokta RS Pointer
  • Quest XPointer, XPointer Pro und Huntmate (Huntmate only with searching tip pointing upwards)
  • Garrett Pro-Pointer and Pro-Pointer AT
  • Teknetics Tek-Point
  • XP MI-4 und MI-6
  • Fisher F-Pulse
  • White’s Bullseye


Dimensions13 x 7,5 x 4,5 cm
Weight48 g
Special characteristicsSuitable for belts with a width of up to 9.5 cm